IPC Group Purchasing

Become a Member

Why choose IPC Group Purchasing? The answer is simple: cost savings. All healthcare providers—acute and non-acute—can benefit from the power of partnership among our members and with national and regional suppliers, Premier and Capstone Health Alliance.

We are a regional collaborative. That means healthcare organizations throughout the Midwest can join. See our membership roster for the organizations that are already saving with IPC.  

Here's how we can benefit your business:

  • Contract aggregation so all members achieve better tier pricing and discount opportunities
  • Vendors pre-vetted for best value and exceptional service
  • Customized member support
  • Access to Premier's portfolio of products and services
  • Choice of either full or select membership to meet your specific needs

Acute Care Membership: Your organization will get full access to Premier's national contract portfolio and IPC's regional contract portfolio. You can also choose select membership to access IPC's regional contract portfolio only.

Non-Acute Care Membership: Your organization will get total access to Premier's contract portfolio and IPC's regional contracts specific to your market. Learn more.

IPC Select Membership Program: We offer competitive pricing with no requirements through this flexible program.

Contact us for a market basket analysis today.