IPC Group Purchasing


IPC Partnership Enhances Member Value

In group purchasing, volume equals value. IPC's aggregation partnership with Capstone Health Alliance brings the volume that translates into greater value for hospitals and non-acute care facilities. Capstone Health Alliance is a regional purchasing organization with 300 member hospitals and 135 health systems. Since 2013, Capstone Health Alliance members have saved more than $223 million. Members enjoyed more than $50 million in annualized savings and value in 2018 alone.

IPC's partnership with Capstone Health Alliance allows IPC to build on its three levels of contracting and support:

  • National strength: Contracting through Premier means aggressive pricing, comprehensive coverage and an integrated approach.
  • Regional collaboration: Our partnership with Capstone offers enhanced tiers, terms and conditions; regional suppliers of choice; and committed and personalized services.
  • Local flexibility: Local contracts support local member buying to cover niche spend requirements.

"This aggregation agreement with Capstone Health Alliance enhances the value proposition for our participating members through lower acquisition prices across the full continuum of care," says Patrick Sonin, Vice President of IPC Group Purchasing. "Our new partnership is another exciting step forward in healthcare transformation, focusing on improving quality while reducing costs."

How the Partnership Can Benefit Your Organization

Capstone Health Alliance is one of the largest affiliated Alliances in the U.S. Partnering with Capstone means IPC can leverage Capstone's volume to offer our members better value. The partnership comes with several other benefits, including:

  • Minimal product conversion
  • Actionable data to enable better supply chain decision
  • A focus on helping members reduce costs, improve quality and share best practices
  • Price parity regardless of facility type or size
  • Member collaboration to share best practices and improve clinical performance

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