IPC Group Purchasing

Our Services

IPC Group Purchasing reduces healthcare supply chain expenses through collaboration. Our successful volume aggregation is built on the strong partnership of IHA, hospitals, health systems, non-acute healthcare organizations, Premier and Capstone Health Alliance. It's how we achieve the best value for all members.

Our program combines:

  • Benefits of national GPO Purchasing power;
  • Advantages and flexibility of regional contracting; and
  • Opportunities to share best practices through peer networking.

Each IPC member—both acute and non-acute healthcare organizations—recieves customized support from our team. Through one-on-one relationships, we maximize contract savings and provide additional resources and assistance to members' supply chain staff. IPC is offered through IHA Business Resources, an Illinois Health and Hospital Association company.   

IPC member benefits include:

  • Contract aggregation enabling members to achieve better tier pricing and discount opportunities;
  • Peer networking forum providing opportunities to share best practices;
  • Leadership and decision-making responsibility;
  • Customized member support; and
  • Access to the Premier's portfolio of products and services.