IPC Group Purchasing

Partnering with Suppliers

Partnership is the driving force behind cost savings with IPC. By partnering with suppliers, we reduce supply chain costs for acute and non-acute healthcare organizations. IPC's group purchasing model gives suppliers the purchasing volume they need to bring down costs for our members.

As a result, IPC offers healthcare organizations better pricing on products and services than they could get on their own. Our partnership with Premier gives you access to a national contract portfolio and our partnership with Capstone Health Alliance means you can tap into the regional purchasing organization with 300 member hospitals and 137 health systems.

How does partnership reduce your costs? Here's a brief overview:

  • Special pricing for IPC members opens the door to increased business;
  • GPO representatives bring IPC-contracted suppliers new business;
  • Suppliers deliver excellent financial value along with outstanding service;
  • Members share their positive supplier experiences with their IPC peers; and
  • Contract participation goes up.
If you're a supplier and looking to contact IPC, please fill out the Prospective Supplier Profile. Completing this profile does not guarantee your company will be awarded a contract.

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