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IPC staff members' bios and contact information

Patrick Sonin, Vice President, Group Purchasing and Business Development

Patrick Sonin is Vice President, Group Purchasing and Business Development of IPC Group Purchasing. He is based in the IHA's Naperville office. As the Vice President, Mr. Sonin is responsible for all operations and new business development including custom contracting operations and client services/support activities. In addition, Mr. Sonin facilitates the activities of the Advisory Council which is comprised of the supply chain executive from each IPC member hospital/system. The Council provides direction and recommendations on program and contracting matters.

Prior to starting up IPC, Mr. Sonin was employed by Consorta, Inc., a group purchasing organization where he initiated a custom contracting operation for its largest hospital system member, Ascension Health. He also served in various supply chain leadership roles in academic, urban and suburban hospitals throughout the Chicagoland area. Mr. Sonin's extensive background has led to the development of strong leadership skills that foster effective multidisciplinary team building in complex work environments.

Contact: Patrick Sonin

Justine Peterson, Senior Director, Client Services

Justine Peterson is Senior Director, Client Services of IPC Group Purchasing and is responsible for developing regional contracts for products and services that result in added value to members. She also  supports selected affiliate hospital and non-acute member's  supply chain efforts and assists in cost reduction initiatives through group purchasing contract management consultation and analysis.

Prior to joining IPC, Ms. Peterson was employed by AllCare, Inc., where she served as Director National Sales and Premier, Inc., where she held positions in contracting and data management.

Contact: Justine Peterson

Carolyn Clausen, Contract Analyst

Carolyn Clausen is the Contract Analyst for IPC Group Purchasing and is responsible for managing data, contracts and business processes to meet the needs of IPC and its members.

Prior to joining IPC, Carolyn was employed by Consorta, Inc. where she managed cost analysis efforts and aided in member recruitment.

Contact:  Carolyn Clausen